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Building Science Group is committed to helping clients maximize the efficiency of their homes and buildings, while at the same time minimizing their annual operating costs.  We also gain a tremendous amount of satisfaction knowing we are helping to limit the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, with every building we analyze.  

“Building Science is more than a business for us, it’s a commitment and a passion.“









Building Science Group foundation was based on a starter home Michael Wentland bought with his family in 2004.  It was a very cute home, but temperature and humidity were very uncomfortable in the extreme parts of the year.  His family’s feet were always cold in the winter, and his home was hot and humid in the summer.  In the winter, the shower humidity in the bathroom would condensate on the walls and the bathroom would develop areas of mold.  The best information at the time was “insulate more” & “replace windows and doors”.  Although this is good advice and can make a real difference, it became clear ‘building science’ is much more complicated than insulation, windows, doors, and source of heat.  Building code energy requirements are changing, but have not changed very much until recently.  Michael is proud to provide Building Science Group as a service to help building owners navigate the complex field of energy efficiency and building health and comfort. 

Michael’s main background is 20+ years in residential & commercial Architectural Design.  He has also owned a high-end design/build company erecting and renovating homes for 15 years.  This is where he noticed even new homes were being build not much better than 100yrs ago, and tended to suffer from the same issues (drafts, mold, condensation, etc) older homes suffered from. 

Noticing significant contradictory information in the design and build trades on these issues, he used his decades of architecture and building experience to fully immerse in Building Science and Energy Efficiency.  He has become BPI certified, studied Passive House design in Europe, is currently designing highly energy efficiency homes and buildings, designed and built a Passive House for he and his family,  and has taught Energy Efficiency and Passive Design at the State University of New York.  Michael has the knowledge and experience to solve even the toughest issues you building may present.  Contact us today and we will get you on the schedule!