Why Building Science Group?

 . . . because we do not sell products.  Our focus is your building from its foundation to its roof material.  All systems of a building effect its ability to be a comfortable space that stays affordable and sustainable for years. 


With rising fuel prices and tax incentives for heat pump and combo-boiler systems, heating and cooling companies are in very high demand.  This means their main goal is to sell and install equipment for you.  They will take measurements of your building to “size” your unit(s), but they may not know the cold spots, humid areas, or how many air exchanges your building exhibits.  This is very important information to make sure you are sizing & buying the right equipment.   Without this information, your supplier is guessing what you might need which is a mistake that can be costly not only in equipment, but also in home repairs.  It can also cause high electric bills and/or uncomfortable living conditions.  We take the time and care to understand your building in it’s entirety.  We are happy to pass this information on to your equipment suppliers and installers, so they can make the right move.  


Before calling a builder or architect and especially before starting any work on your project, you’re going to want to contact Building Science Group to help maximize your budget for long-term affordability and sustainability.  Our experience, knowledge, and equipment can offer detailed reports your architect or contractor can follow for best energy efficiency practices and results.  


New York State (and others) require all new buildings to have a blower door test that meets NYS 2020 Energy Code standards.  If you are building new, you should secure a proposal with Building Science Group to have your building certified as passing code requirements before sheetrock goes up.  If a builder has to go backwards in time and material to make the building pass code, it can be incredibly expensive to the owner.  It’s best to have BSG involved from the beginning of the design phase including a window order review.  BSG offers a discounted rate to perform numerous tests throughout the build phase and ensure the building will meet or exceed code compliance when complete.  It’s not uncommon for buildings to fail a blower door test because the architect or builder did not understand what is required to meet the requirements.  We also specialize in Passive House Design and requirements. 


Extreme weather is on the rise which means regular disruptions to power and fuel supplies.  The recent rise in power-outages have proven time and again that the buildings without energy efficiency considerations are not adequately equipped to handle disruptions and loss of power.  It is not uncommon for a building to fall below freezing within 24hrs or less that has not been analyzed or addressed for efficiency.    However, energy efficient homes fair much, much better when the power goes out.  They are less drafty and hold heat much, much longer than a building with poor efficiency.  Old buildings are unnecessarily drafty, but they don’t need to be.  BSG is dedicated to helping our clients achieve a more civilized and comfortable living space that stays comfortable when things shut down for a while. 


Fossil fuels are a limited resource.  Once they are gone, they’re gone.  And they are estimated to be depleted within 50yrs. This means no matter who is the US President, prices will only go one way - up. From our point of view, fossil fuels are a great source of BTU’s.  There is almost nothing better.  But we are here to be sure you get to use as much of the BTU’s that you paid for, without wasting them up a chimney, or by heating the outside environment.   We are excited to be able to help you save some money and go easy on the atmosphere.   


Few companies care more about this bright blue ball we call home.  Energy is great for the wallet, but it’s even better for the air we breath and the costs associated with reckless energy consumption. Our owner lives in a Passive House.  Even our company vehicles are 100% electric.  If you believe in leaving this earth better than we inherited it, we are the company for you.  

90% of our time is spent living and working inside buildings.  This means a majority of the pollution we acquire is directly related to indoor air quality and poor planing in Building Science. Now more than ever, It is imperative for buildings to be clean, comfortable, and sustainable.   Most people think because they occupy an old drafty building, it may not be worth analyzing for efficiency.  This is just not true.  Building Science Group uses our findings to offer specific solutions in relation to specific areas of inefficiency and discomfort.  Our goal is not to make your building like a new one, but to focus on poor performance areas and offer solutions based on priority. As a building owner, you can tackle the most important inefficiencies first, with a clear plan of action provided by us.  You can start small if necessary while saving money immediately in heating and cooling costs.  Don’t wait.  Let us help you start enjoying a more comfortable habitable space.